Digital Park Thailand is a new economic cluster, strategically located on Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), aiming to be the destination for digital global players and digital biz innovators to Invest-Work-Learn-Play together in the park where digital lifestyle meet up with digital business. Surrounded with regional logistic hub, strength of numerous world-class digital production, and well known academic institutes, foster thriving digital innovation ecosystem.

The park itself plays an important role as ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) data hub with ultra high speed broadband infrastructure powered by CAT, including international submarine cable station, data center and satellite earth station, thus, Digital Park Thailand is fully capable to serve even the most stringent demand of global digital players. Upon work - integrated atmosphere between investors, innovators and incumbent manufacturers, the best digital startup and digital biz transformation will rise up research innovation in exponential growth. Government will provide maximum incentive package both tax and non-tax measures, including RDI regulatory exemption, ease to do business, and privileges for investors and digital specialists. The park is going to be Thailand’s premier digital showcase and will pioneer testbeds and adoption of state-of-the-art digital technologies, Internet Of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence.




Space Krenovapolis

Post a Project
Payments for businesses big and small
  • $50m in funding
  • 100+ employees
  • 1,000% transaction growth

One Click payments

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Computer hardware,Semi/Superconductor
Smart Device, IoT, Robotic
Big Data & AI
Intelligent Platform & Auto System
Immersive Content
Satellite & Broadcast
Future Ultra High BB
Digital Tech Startup


EIA Analysis
Solar Farm & Data Center
Hub Digital Innovation Center
Master Plan & Detail Design
Utilities Construction Layout
Sport Complex & Digital
Theme Park

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